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Hands & feet

Hands & Feet:

Manicure deluxe O • P • I
Cleaning of the hands, hand bath, scrub, cuticle care, filing nails in model, polishing / painting the nails, nurturing hand cream and a hand massage.
55 min. € 69,-

Pedicure Deluxe O • P • I
Feet cleaning, hand bath, scrub, paraffin wrap, cuticle care, nail filing, polishing / painting the nails and a foot massage.
50 min. € 69,-

Paraffin wrap
Cleaning of hands, hand pack with paraffin and a good moisturizing cream.
25 min. € 30.00

Joy for feet
Delicious foot compresses and a leg massage for tired feet and legs. Well worth it after a long walk.
25 min. € 45,-