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Shiatsu massage & reflexologie

Shiatsu massage and reflexology:

Shiatsu Massage & Reflexology
Shiatsu is a point manual pressure treatment which is done in order to bring the energy and yourself balanced. It relieves the body from stress, increases vitality and gives a deep relaxation! Experience the energy flowing again so that you feels like reborn .......

Shiatsu massage
Shiatsu is a pressure point massage, in which the pressing points on the nerve ensure a flow of energy, and removed blockages. This creates a strong vitality through the whole body, leading to loosening of a greater energy flow.
50 min. € 78

Shiatsu massage with ginger wrap
The pressure point massage ginger combined with a ginger gasket, which with the aid of delicious hot ginger cloths, be placed on the back. After the fabrics have sufficient incentives is back massaged with a delicious oil.
70 min € 87.

Shiatsu massage with liver packing
The pressure point massage combined with a liver gasket, with the aid of a green clay plaster, and essential oil.
70 min € 87.

Shiatsu massage for children
A slight pressure point treatment to offer rest and relaxation to children, which revealed that they sleep better and concentration has improved.
50 min. € 71

Shiatsu for pregnant
From a lateral position on a lovely soft mat cushions the pregnant woman can by means a relaxing pressure point massage deeply relaxing and also increase its energy arrow.
50 min. € 78

Lomi Lomi massage
This ceremonial form of massage has love and transformation as a starting point.
The treatment is often described as a dance over the body.
60 min. € 90

All Shiatsu and Lomi Lomi reservations at least one week in advance!