Surroundings | Hotel Klein Zwitserland Wellness & Spa in Slenaken


There are good reasons why tourism in South Limburg has flourished for over 100 years now. The beautiful landscape, tourist attractions, excellent accommodations, many big and small events and restaurants with their own culinary style together form everything that makes Limburg unique and a must-see.

You can have the opportunity to experience all this and more during your stay in Heuvelland, the precious gem of the Netherlands with its own character: charming, gently sloping and, most of all, impressively surprising. No place else in Limburg is quite like this!

The village of Slenaken is the Gulpdal’s showpiece. The typical Heuvelland (hills) really finds its own personal expression here with the incredible vistas. Dating back to the 1700s, there is also the unforgettably beautiful parish church, an exemplar of beauty at its finest. Come and discover why people call this “Little Switzerland”!