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Wellness treatments


Joy for life
See basic treatment "Harmony". Then your face, neck and arms are wonderfully massaged with precious natural oils. Your facial skin is pampered with a gasket that is completely tuned to your skin type. Finally, massage your feet with refreshing organic aloe vera.
80 min. € 92

Basic treatment 'Harmonie'
A soothing facial for all skin types consisting of cleaning, peeling, remove blemishes, eyebrows update and a massage with fresh organic aloe vera gel. While the mask is withdrawn, you can relax.
50 min. € 68

Natural Bio-Lifting.
Stiffening treatment for face, neck and décolleté. SESAME ME is pure anti aging and provides radiant, firm and silky skin.
Lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced. Active intensive treatment.
90 min. € 92

Regenerative facial and eye treatment. Let the skin feel smooth and tight, work very regeneratively and focus on full relaxation.
100 min. € 110

Especially for men
Classic facial: cleansing, peeling, mask and wonderful facial massage.
50 min. € 68

Thanks to the combination of microdermabrasion, chemical peel and enzymatic peeling, the skin will make a true transformation. The skin quickly comes in condition, refreshes and looks radiantly fresh and "new". Enzymacid is suitable for all ages and for almost all skin conditions.
(Not suitable when the skin is exposed to the sun afterwards.)
75 min. € 85

Meso-Vit care
Highly recommended for all women and men; with an in-depth effect, through the "vitamin-booster" effect.
50 min. € 68

The sensitive skin is a skin that reacts faster and more violently to external factors such as weather effects. The hyperactivity is on the skin, with red spots, couperosis etc. This treatment is therefore a true S.O.S. Care. It contains boswellia extract, which reduces irritation, reduces red spots and works anti-inflammatory.
75 min. € 85

Bio Optic care
Help for fragile skin of the eyes! A bio optic care erase all traces of tiredness, making you immediately feel great again.
25 min € 46.