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Body treatments


Body peeling
Organic aloe vera and pulverized algae refine skin texture.
The peel is rich in silicon and stimulates the circulation and strengthening connective tissue. After treatment, your body is pampered with a care product of Pharmos Natur.
25 min € 37.

Cream Gasket
The gasket customized to your skin type and consists of precious pure vegetable oils and restorative organic aloe vera. After preparation, the gasket is applied to your body.
25 min € 37.

Cotton Gasket
25 min € 37.

Green Luxury
Using soft scrub gloves removes dead skin cells and stimulates the metabolism. Hereafter is your skin optimally prepared on the gasket which is specially prepared for you and is applied.
50 min. € 79

Alaya me
Exclusive herbal peeling massage Pure joy.
The perfect composition of valuable nourishing herbs forms the basis of her special body treatment.
80 min. € 92 whole body

Morpho Bust care
Complete care of the neckline! Morpho bust care is an original concept, with an volume magnifying effect. A complete care for revitalizing the neckline with a targeted effect on the volume of the breasts.
50 min. € 57